1. Ordinary cement concrete floor (including cement light-receiving). After several years of general use, under the effect of pedestrian pressure and wear, different degrees of sanding and dusting will occur on the ground. With the increase of service life, carbonization The role of seawater erosion and weathering, the surface of the floor will continue to be powdered, affecting the appearance and normal use, and will be repaired in the future, which will cause great losses to your unit and cause trouble;

Second, terrazzo floor and tile floor, although it can solve the problem of sanding and dusting, but the surface layer itself is peeled off from the concrete base layer. Under the action of gravity, it is easy to cause the floor surface layer to be shelled, hollowed, broken, The shedding phenomenon, the terrazzo and the anti-moisture phenomenon (because the cement sand is alkaline) not only affects the smoothness and cleanliness of the ground, but with the use, the damage area will become larger and larger, the service life will be shortened, and the normal use will be affected. .

Third, the epoxy floor, although beautiful, but in practice proved that it will age after a few years, not easy to repair. It will be delaminated by seawater soaking, which is not practical;

Fourth, varnish cover and curing agent, can be formulated with color, but only the surface increases the luster, and the overall resistance to the ground can not increase. It will wear out after a few months, and it will be delaminated by seawater soaking, which is not practical;

Based on years of construction experience, our company recommends the following construction plans, please refer to:

Option 1, directly do Emery wear-resistant floor:

Milling the original ground, making 5 cm thick high-grade cement concrete, and then making gold steel sand material on it;


1, can withstand heavy pressure, wear resistance.

2, can make different colors;

3, can repair the tunnel on the entire ground;

4, durable, wear-resistant, dust-proof, easy to clean;

5, waxing maintenance, shiny and affordable.

6, the overall economic benefits.

Option 2: Continue to use wear-resistant floor sealant on wear-resistant surface

Construction method: Roll or spray can be.

Surface condition: The surface remains in the original condition after coating on concrete without changing the flatness.

Advantages: Durable, increase the compressive strength of the floor, wear-resistant, dust-proof, moisture-proof, quick construction, easy maintenance, easy to clean, life-long maintenance;

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