The strength of concrete is mainly derived from the calcium silicate compound (C-S-H) formed by the silicon and calcium in the cement component of concrete under the action of water. C-S-H is the material that plays a major role in concrete. The concrete interior is still undergoing a slow C-S-H hydration reaction after the initial setting of the concrete. This reaction cannot be completely carried out under natural conditions, and there is always a large amount of free. The active silicate ion contained in the gold casting liquid high permeability sealing curing agent reacts with the free calcium ion which is not reacted into calcium silicate in the concrete to form calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), so that the calcium ion in the concrete further participates in the reaction. Greater increase in the strength and hardness of concrete.

The sealing curing agent can mainly enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance of the ground; improve the compressive strength of the concrete floor; tighten the capillary pores of the concrete, effectively inhibit the entry of external pollutants into the concrete; resist the corrosion of chlorides and other chemical substances; and the concrete of the base layer The substance reacts to form a colloid in its pores; seals the concrete to enhance its density; has high impermeability and resists grease; the treated floor will have a marble-like luster, and the longer the finish, the more smooth it will be. it is good.

1. The siliceous calcium mesh gel fills the pores of the surface layer, effectively increases the structural density, and greatly enhances the hardness and wear resistance of the concrete surface layer.

2. A large number of cements and limes that reduce the incomplete hydration reaction on the surface of the ground, completely solve the problem of dust on the concrete floor.

3. The path of moisture flow on the surface layer structure is greatly reduced, effectively preventing the infiltration of water and chemicals, and improving the ability of the concrete floor to resist water and chemical corrosion.

4. Due to the compact structure of the concrete floor surface, the concrete floor is easily rubbed or polished to produce a higher gloss, which is more bright and beautiful.

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